Mirey Karaso


Born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1959, Mirey's academic background being in  Italian in addition to her fluency in Spanish, English, French and Turkish, allows her to organize events not only in Turkey but also internationally throughout Europe, Americas and the Middle East.

Mirey's first experience in event planning was her own wedding in 1979.  Designing bombonieres and planning  all other details of her wedding got a lot of her friends' attention. Encouraged by the very positive feedback and requests of help, Mirey started the first event planning and organization firm in Turkey;  La Bonbonniére Event Design & Management.

Mirey's professionalism, creativity and expertise, later on caused her to play a leading role founding country's first association of creatives for event planning and execution, called YEPUD. Thanks to YEPUD, event planning firms in the country are now able to gather under one roof to set industry standards, and to increase the quality of services provided domestically. Similarly, Mirey initiated ILEA's (International Live Events Association) Turkey chapter and she served as the President between the years of 2015-2017.

In addition to building a curriculum for, and teaching the event management certificate program at one of Turkey's and Europe's most prestigious universities, Bogazici, Mirey also contributed to the Maison Française Art of Table Setting Exhibition. She gave "Art of  Living" classes at various institutions, gained a certificate of  "Floral Design" at Piverdie-Paris.

Mirey considers event design process, from conception to execution, as her creative outlet and she is in constant search for innovation and improvement of her designs. Believing in "being always a step ahead"  keeps Mirey continue improving the quality of her work and La Bonbonniére Event Design & Management''s services. 

In the last decade Mirey's focus has been working on strengthening the cultural ties and removing the borders in the event and organization field. Taking creative initiatives, Mirey aims to integrate Turkey's experience into the international field, and to make Istanbul a center of events and organizations sector in the world.